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For many, advertising has a singular purpose and that is simply, conversion into sales. But this is easier said than done, because in order for this to take place, your customers need to take action when they like what they see!

Direct Response Adverts through Leng Media are designed to trigger immediate action from your prospects and generate leads and sales as quickly as possible. Whether your advertising is trying to establish direct lines of communication with your prospects for future sales or you want to increase sales and track and measure your sales, interactions and response metrics Leng Media has the solution for you. 

Through understanding your customers base and targeting your adverts to their specific needs, we are able to increase the return on your advertising spend by using sophisticated data and analytics. This combined with a compelling call to action that clearly directs your prospects to what action you want them to take and a sense of urgency. 

This can be achieved through:

Social Media Ads

Social Media Lead Generation

Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Lead Generation

Online Retargeting Ads

Daytime TV Ads

Press Ads